Francesco Rinaldi Barolo 1974

13.5% - has a sticker on it from Enoteca Belmonte di Terrando Franco - Valbrona (Como). I suspect the Enoteca is no longer there.

We had this the night after the 1967 Damilano to end up the barolo season. This is mostly likely a blend of Brunate and Cannubi but not sure.

"Rich, depth, emerging, rose, light but intense, very nice, poignant, smooth, great texture, very tea-like texture, balanced, beautiful dark color. You could taste the darker Brunate (as we had some Cannubi fruit the night before to contrast). The "bitter dregs" were savory & smooth. Interesting wine but difficult to describe"

My wife liked the 1967 Damilano better than this wine. I'd have to agree although this one was very good. It seemed a little muted or lacking some depth or dimension. Who knows how long or how it was stored at the Enoteca?

I've been trying to drink this wine for awhile but couldn't find it. Found it later by accident but then couldn't find it a second time when I wanted to drink it! Paired with venison kebobs (poor choice of preparation or inexperience by the cook).


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