They put up Friday the schedule for the SantaFe Wine&Chile Fiesta:
which, alas, seems pretty much the same ole/same ole. How many Seminars can you attend of "Taste Blind With The Master Somms" or matching wines & cheese w/ LauraWerlin (Brie this year). Only thing missing is yet another Seminar of tasting w/ Reidel Glasses..that'll be again next year I'm sure.

TablasCreekVnyds was named the SFW&CF Wnry of the year (good choice). The Thurs TCV Seminar will be hosted by Jason Haas and should be a good one. TCV has been a participant in SFW&CF from yrs ago, when RobertHaas schlepped out to SantaFe their grafting machine and did a grafting demo....ker-thunk/ker-thunk/ker-thunk. It was a crowd pleaser. Rumor has it that Jason is going to out-do his Dad this year by bringing out one of their llamas from their bio-dynamic vnyd operation to sit on the Seminar panel. Probably will be more informative than the MasterSomm chairing the panel. Southwest has a pretty liberal "comfort animal" policy and Jason should be able to get his "comfort llama" on board with no problem.
The only other Seminar of interest will be the Masterclass on the SantaCruzMtns by TedGlennon. It appears he will have some wines that are not available here in NM.
Beyond that, it appears it'll be business as usual with a lot of the usual importers here to show their commodity portfolios.

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