Based on Susan's rec, I did some bottom feeding at TraderJoe's this weekend:
1. Pontificis Blanc IGP: Pays d'Oc (55% Viognier/35% Roussanne/10% Marsanne; 13%; Badet Clement & Cie/F89144 2017: Med.dark gold color; quite attractive fairly fragrant Rouss/honeysuckle/floral slight earthy bit lemony/pear/Viog very pleasant nose; bit soft fairly strong floral/honeysuckle/Rouss/lemony slight earthy rather attractive flavor; med.long some floral/honeysuckle/Rouss bit pear/Viog rather soft slight metallic/tangy/lemony finish; nothing profound but an altogether pleasant white Rhone blend that thoroughly overdelivers on the $$; not as lean/eviscerated/pinched as many of the Pays d'Oc whites. $7.49 (TJ)
2. Pontificis Rouge IGP: Pays d'Oc (40% Grenache/38% Syrah/22% Mourvedre; 13%) 2016: Very dark color; very strong juicy/grapey/Grenache/strawberry/blackberry/boysenberry/ripe slight earthy nose; soft very strong ripe/juicy/grapey/Genache/blackberry/boysenberry/strawberry bit dusty/earthy flavor w/ light soft/ipe tannins; very long bit earthy/dusty/loamy very strong juicy/grapey/blackberry/boysenberry/Grenache finish w/ light soft/bit tangy finish; a bit lacking in structure and a bit on the soupy side but loads of ripe/juicy Grenache fruit; this is how PhillippeCombie would make CdP in SouthernFrance if he could; an absolutely tasty/delicious Grenache that overdelivers at this price point. $7.49 (TJ)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The Blanc was not nearly the steal that the ComiqueRevolution from the CentralCoastWineCoop that TraderJoe's carried several yrs ago, at $8.49. But it's a close second.
I find that bottom feeding at TraderJoe's yields a lot of duds, but occasional you'll find something that's pretty good, as these two are. Much more rewarding than bottom feeding at TotalWines.