In celebration of placing my latest Jaffurs futures order, I tried the latest ones over the last few days:
1. Jaffurs Syrah BienNacidoVnyd/SantaMariaVlly (14.7%; 15 brls) 2016: Very dark/near black color; very strong blackberry/blueberry/Syrah/spicy bit c-c/black pepper classic BN black cherry some toasty/Fr.oak lovely SBC Syrah nose; lightly tart very strong blackberry/boysenberry/Syrah/ripe BN black cherry bit peppery some toasty/oak bit alcoholic big/rich/lush/smooth beautiful BN Syrah flavor w/ modest ripe tannins; very long/lingering very strong blackberry/boysenberry/SBC Syrah/spicy bit c-c/peppery strong BN/black cherry/black cherry cola some toasty/Fr.oak beautiful finish w/ some hard/chewey tannins; a classic Jaffurs BN/black cherry Syrah that should go another 5-10 yrs. $37.50 (futures)
2. Jaffurs Syrah ThompsonVnyd/SBC (14.6%; 10 brls) 2016: Very dark/near black color; very strong pungent/licorice classic Thompson peppery intense blackberry/boysenberry/Syrah very slight alcoholic some toasty/Fr.oak some complex nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit citric very peppery/classic Thompson intense blackberry/boysenberry/ripe Syrah/very spicy some toasty/smokey/Fr.oak structured bit complex beautiful flavor w/ ample hard/chewey tannins; very long/lingering very strong Thompson/peppery intense blackberry/boysenberry/SBC Syrah/spicy slight earthy some toasty/Fr.oak finish w/ ample hard tannins; needs another 5-10 yrs; a pretty classic big/peppery Thompson Syrah. $37.50 (futures)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. DanGreen purchased Jaffurs in 2016. So these two wines were probably fermented under Craig & Dave's watch, but raised to maturity by Dan. People were certain the sky was falling when Craig sold, but I've not seen any signs of that and only minor stylistic changes in the whites.
I liked both of these Syrahs quite a lot. Both were characteristic of their vnyd sources. The Thompson is a big/brawny/muscular/extracted Syrah w/ the classic Thompson pepper. The BN is a little more refined/high-toned classic BN black cherry Syrah. Both a big wines & need age.