Troullier, Domaine Gilles
Languedoc/Roussillon, France
Cotes Catalanes Indication Geographique Protegee
Le Pas de Gazeil
Lledoner Pelut
Dark purple core with broad crimson rims, saturated and faintly glowing, liquid is clean. Leathery nose wrapped around a dense core of plum, currant fruit, not overripe, floral with ginger notes before a burst of white citrus and a return to that leatheriness. Full-bodied, equally dense here with a velvety texture and then a grittier tannic finish, feels alive. Potpourri, cinnamon, ginger and lilacs give it quite a whirl. In spite of that dry finish it's a fruit-driven wine with cherry, red currant and lesser blackberry flavors. More earthy than leathery. Familiar profile but the more you sip it the more intriguing it becomes. Easy to chug even with its density.
90 points

Note: First experience I can recall with the Lledoner Pelut grape. Good stuff. Not sure how many other examples of the grape are out there.