Cayuse Vineyards
Walla Walla Valley, Washington
Coccinelle Vineyard
Bionic Frog
Glowingly opaque purple core, heavily saturated crimson rims, built to impress. Raisinated nose, prune, chocolate milk, menthol, butterscotch, floral paste, for all of its thickness has effortless lift, eventually offers accents of bell pepper and asphalt, concentrated and monolithic. Full-bodied, velvety to the point where it slows to a halt as if stuck in traffic. Dominated by oak and that's unlikely to change, loaded with butterscotch, caramel, molasses. Prune, fig, date with moments of fresher plum, cassis, to green apple fruit. As in the nose, takes some effort to tease out the spiced orange peel, menthol, witch hazel through to the tar and grill smoke filled finish. A bit too much.
88 points