Tried these two last night:
1. Jaffurs Viognier SBCnty (14.1%) 2010: color; strong pear/Viog/peach/floral light nutty/toasted hazelnuts light pencilly/oak slight herbal/new mown alfalfa rather complex nose; rather soft some pencilly/oak strong ripe/Viog/peach/pear/floral some nutty/toasted hazelnuts bit creme brulee/caramel rather complex mature Viog flavor; very long/lingering rather nutty/toasted hazelnuts/toasty slight pencilly/Fr.oak some Viog/floral//pear/ripe peach lovely complex finish; a beautiful eaxmple of a fully mature Calif Viog as good as it gets; lacks only the minerality of an older Condrieu; no signs of falling apart but probably best to drink up now.
2. Jaffurs GrenacheBlanc ThompsonVnyd/SBCnty (13.2%) 2010: Med.dark gold color; beautiful intense GB/honeysuckle/floral/honeyed bit graham cracker/vanilla wafer light nutty/toasted hazelnuts rather complex nose; lightly tart slight herbal/dandelions very intense floral/GB/honeysuckle some nutty/toasted hazelnuts bit graham cracker beautiful complex flavor; very long/lingering slight creme brulee/graham cracker light pencilly/oak intense GB/floral/honeysuckle/honeyed/honeycomb quite complex finish; loads of intense GB fruit and a beautiful example of a mature GB; may even improve for a few more yrs.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I was expecting these to be a bit on the tired side. They were not. They both were beautiful examples of mature Calif white Rhones w/ that toasted hazelnut (oxidative) character. Both far from DollyPartin territory. I recall these as both being pretty ripe on release and didn't expect that much of a future for them. Shows what I know!!