Had this at BacchusBadBoys last Thurs night:
1. Patterson Roussanne LateHrvst YakimaVlly(91% Roussanne/9% Viognier; 11.7%; RS: 20.5 gm/100ml; Brl frmted in 100% new Fr.oak; www.PattersonCellars.com) 2016: Deep gold color; beautiful grapey/passito very honeyed/honeysuckle/Rouss light toasty/oak rather complex nose; very tart quite sweet/rich/lush intense honeyed/honeycomb/honeysuckle maybe slight botrytis bit complex light toasty/oak fairly complex flavor; very long/lingering intense grapey/passito strong honeycomb/honeysuckle/Rouss very sweet finish; quite sweet but balanced by the acidity yet not a sweet/sour character; a beautiful example of a passito wine at a great price; should go out another 20 yrs. $25.00/hlf (vSC)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I've had great experience with this Patterson LateHrvst Rouss over the yrs. One of WashState's truly great dessert wines.

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