Tried these two w/ dinner last night:
1. Fallegro Gianni Gagliardo Vino Bianco (12.5%; Favorita) LaMorra 2016: Light gold color w/ loads of tiny bubbles that froth up & disappear; light floral/carnations/Vermentino light stony/chalky quite pleasantnose; some tart/tangy rather spritzy/soda-pop light floral/carnations/Vermen bit 7-Up/Sprite bit off-dry (0.4%-0.6% r.s.?) rather simple flavor; quite short bit spritzy/dissolved CO2 soda-pop/7-Up/Sprite very light Vermen/floral finisg; a pleasant enough light-weight Vermen nose but utterly vapid/washed-out/watery on the palate; pretty dull stuff. $15.50 (KK)
2. Tintero Rosso (12.5%; KermitLynch; Barbera/Dolcetto/Nebbiolo/Cabernet Sauvignon) Elvio Tintero/Mango/Piemonte
: Med.color; quite pleasant Dolcetto/grapey slight spicy/strawberry/bright rather fragrant bit earthy/dusty nose; rather tart/tangy quite grapey/Dolcetto/strawberry/spicy some dusty/earthy/OV quite pleasant flavor w/ light tangy/astringent tannins; fairly long rather tart/tangy/tannic rather grapey/Dolcetto bit spicy/Barbera finish w/ light astringent/bitey tannins; speaks mostly of Dolcetto but the Barbera gives it an angular/tannic backbone; an altogether pleasant bit rustic Piemonte red at a good price. $11.00 (BWM)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I suspect the Favorita/Vermentino was refreshed w/ CO2 at bottling. They sort of have an ersatz acidity and the dissolved CO2 often causes the finish to end quite abruptly. This was a pretty miserable example of Piemonte Favorita.

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