Tried last night:
1. Bedrock Cuvee Karatas Semillon MonteRossoVnyd/SonomaCnty WW (14.1%; 35% SauvBlanc) 2015: color; very strong waxy/figgy/Semillon/bit olive light pencilly/oak slight earthy/dusty/chalky rather complex nose; rather tart/tangy very strong figgy/Semillon/waxy/olive/smokey quite rich/lush structured some dusty/chalky/mineral light pencilly/oak slight herbal/cardamon/spicy fairly complex slight honeyed/honeycomb beautiful flavor; very long/lingering fairly tart/tangy light pencilly/oak strong Semillon/figgy/waxy/olive slight stony/chalky/mineral structured quite complex finish; drunk way too young and should go out another 10 yrs at least; a beautiful example of Calif Semillon; resembles in structure & texture a 10 yr old HunterVlly Semillon w/o the oak; reminds a lot of some of the old Martini Semillons made by Louis himself but far more fruit and structure. $38.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I believe Morgan no longer is able to buy this Semillon from MonteRosso. Such a shame...this is world-class Semillon.