Did some bottom feeding at TJ's & WF's this weekend:
1. Maison Barboulot 70% Marsanne/30% Viog LaComptine IGP: Pays d'Oc/Languedoc (12.5%; www.PlumeRidge.com; "from the foothills of the Black Mtn") 2017: Med.gold bit bronze color; fairly strong appley/Marsanne light earthy rather attractive nose; bit soft slight tangy/metallic fairly strong appley/Marsanne slight pear/Viog bit earthy bit simple fairly attractive flavor; med.long slight tart/tangy/metallic some appley/Marsanne/earthy slight pear/Viog finish; quite a pleasant if a bit simple expression of Marsanne at a great price. $6.99 (TJ)
2. MonteRustico DOC: Langhe Bianco (foot of Monviso; 13%; Pacific Highway W&S/Sonoma) G.D.Vajra/Barolo 2017: Med.dark gold color; very strong floral/carnations/Arneis slight R-like light earthy/dusty slight ripe/resiny quite aromatic lovely nose; bit soft rather strong floral/Arneis/carnations/almost R-like very lush/rich light earthy beautiful flavor; very long/lingering very strong floral/carnations/Arneis/R-like light earthy lightly tart fairly rich/lush beautiful finish; a really beautiful expression of Arneis at a great price. $14.00 (WF)
and a wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The Barboulet was not a profound wine but a very solid expression of Marsanne. Noit as good as the ComiqueRevolution of several yrs ago at TJ's, but it's pretty close.
I was taken aback when I first tried the MonteRustico as to how good it was. Then I looked on the back label in the fine print that it was produced by G.D.Vajra, which explains why it's so friggin' good. Not quite sure why they bulked it out for sale to TJ's, but it's nearly as good as their Aneeis or Riesling which sell in the upper $20's. It's supposedly an Arneis/Chard/Sauvignon blend, but it definitely speaks of Piemonte Arneis. Apparently just a 2'nd label for G.D.Vajra. Now I want to track down the Rosso that they make.