Tried these two last night:
1. Siduri PinotNoir WillametteVlly/OR (13.0%) 2007: Rather light somewhat bricked color; slight funky/mousey light cherry/PN/earthy some pencilly/Siduri oak slight spicy/peppery bit faded/old PN nose; lightly tart rather faded/tired slight funky/mousey light cherry/OR PN some pencilly/Siduri oak flavor w/ light dried-out tannins; med.long bit tart somewhat tired/dried out light OR/cherry/PN some pencilly/Siduri oak finish w/ light dried-out tannins some interesting old PN character but pretty dried-out/tired w/ little PN fruit left. $18.00
2. Siduri PinotNoir RRV (14.3%; 1601 cs; 45% KeeferRanch/19% LewisVnyd/16% SapphireHill/10% AmberRidge/
6% Parsons/4% Ewald) 2008
: Med.color w/ slight bricking; fairly strong PN/black cherry strong Siduri/pencilly/cedary oak slight dusty/earthy/OV fairly complex mature Calif PN nose; lightly tart strong pencilly/cedary/Siduri oak some black cherry/PN flavor w/ light gentle tannins; long bit tired/dried out some black cherry/PN strong pencilly/Siduri oak finish w/ light smooth tannins; a bit on the tired side but still offers up plenty of pleasure. $23.50
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I was expecting these two generic Pinots to be totally dead & gone. The Willamette was pretty tired, but the RRV was still a pleasure to drink.
The Siduri PN's always had a fairly distinctive oak to them that was easily recognizable....what I just referred to as "Siduri oak".