Tried this last night w/ some seriously good caramel/sea salt chocolate:
1. EtXe Oneko Pisano Tannat Sweet Red Wine (16.5%; Recioto & Amarone; Plntd: 1942; U; Dried on the vine;; SarantyImports/Ttamford/CT) Gustavo Pisano & Gabriel Pisano/Progresso/Uruguay NV: Very dark/black color; very intense grapey/chocolaty/licorice/late harvesty/raisened fairly alcoholic nose; quite sweet/syrupy soft somewhat alcoholic/fumey intense grapey/pruney/late hrvsty/chocolaty/licorice/boysenberry flavor w/ light soft/ripe tannins; very long soft raisened/pruney/chocolaty/licorice/boysenberry/blackberry fairly alcoholic/fumey/hot finish w/ slight soft/ripe tannins; reminds a bit of a Ridge Zin Essence; mostly of Languedoc Vin Doux Naturels of Maury or Rasteau; a bit on the rough/rustic side but actually much better than I expected. $35.00 (TW)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I was doing a bit of bottom-feeding at Total Wines this weekend. Didn't see anything that inticed me until I spied this late hrvst Tannat from Urguay. I've had a couple that I liked quite a lot, so what the hey. When I got home, I noted that this was a TotalWines Saranty Imports wine...which would have been enough to steer me away. But actually, this was a surprisingly delicious wine, especially w/ the chocolate. A bit on the pricey side, though.