Tried these two last night w/ my plate of tomatoes:
1.Radio-Coteau Chard Savoy/AndersonVlly (U; 14.1%; Sebastapol 2013: color; very strong ripe/melony/lemony/Chard spicy/nutmeg/cardamon light pencilly/Fr.oak quite fragrant lovely nose; lightly tart/tangy ripe/melony/Chard/lemon curd/mango some spicy/nutmeg light pencilly/oak bit complex flavor; very long/lingering spicy/melony/Chard/mango/ripe light pencilly/oak finish; a bit tarter/leaner/less rich more perfumed/aromatic Chard; a beautiful mature Chard. $54.00
2. Radio-Coteau Chard Wingtime/SonomaCoast/SonomaCnty (U; 14.1%) 2013: Med.dark gold color; bit deeper less fragrant/perfumed more ripe/melony/Chard slight herbal stronger toasty/smokey/Fr.oak slight appley/mango more complex/aged nose; softer lightly tart somewhat richer/mango/Chard stronger toasty/oak slight earthy bit complex flavor; very long bit softer riper/mango/Chard/melony stronger toasty/oak finish; a bit bigger/riper not as perfumed Chard but quite lovely. $54.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Radio-Coteau is, of course, the wnry of EricSussman, who used to be (long time ago) winemaker at Dehlinger before he struck out on his own. He makes, across the board, really lovely/balanced wines. He now farms and makes the vonWeidlch Zin, one of Calif's great OV Zin vnyds.
Both of these Chards are probably fully mature and not going to get any better.