Tried this last night w/ my fresh tomatoes & buratta (and bacon, of course):
1. Pax CheninBlanc Buddha'sDharma MendoCnty (Plntd: 1944; Frmtd: neutral Fr.oak; Barrel aged: 11 mo.; 12.3%) Forestville 2015: color; rather attractive pear/pear blossom/floral/CB light chalky/mineral slight herbal nose; lightly tart/tangy/metallic some chalky/mineral/steely bit Loire-like light CB/pear/pear blossom totally dry slight herbal/rosemary/green grass bit lean/austere flavor; long rather tart/tangy/bit metallic/steely some chalky/mineral/stony/austere light CB/pear/pear blossom finish; quite a nice if unusual expression of Calif CB; more like a Loire than a Calif CB but w/ richer texture.
No BP this time.