Tried this wine last week:
1. LaClarineFarm petit manseng SierraFoothills WW (U/U; 13%; Somerset 2016: Med.dark gold color w/ some suspended flocculant material; rather appley/apple cider bit earthy pleasant enough if simple nose; quite tart/acidic rather appley/apple cider slight earthy/chalky bit simple pleasant enough flavor; med.long mostly appley/apple cider some chalky/earthy finish; a pleasant enough rather simple white w/ no funky or mousey character evident.
Two day later after being left open on the counter: Much the same apple cider w/ a slight bit of mousey/funky character peaking out; very acidic/screechy very light apple cider some metallic very slight funky/mousey character; not much of a change in character but rather painful to drink.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I always approach the LaClarine wines w/ a great deal of trepidation. Hank Beckmeyer is one of the darlings of the "natural" wine movement. His 2015 Albarino was the 2'nd worst wine I've ever tried w/ an overwhelming hantavirus/mousey character that destroyed the wine. A 2'nd btl I tried a few months later w/ the NM distributor to show him how bad the wine was turned out to be not nearly that bad. A bit funky/hantavirus but not at all undrinkable. The 2016 was much better w/ only a light "natty" character.
So I was expecting this wine to display some "natty" character. It did not, initially. But it was an acidic/screechy white that spoke mostly of apple cider, no PetiteManseng character that I could recognize. An utterly charmless wine.
Haank grows some interesting varieties and I'll probably continue to try his wines until I get stung one too many times.