Prunotto Barolo Cannubi 1995

Imported by Winebow / 13%

There was some question as to whether Beppe Colla (Podera Colla) made this wine for Antinori after they bought Prunotto from him. I'd heard he stayed on for a few vintages.
If he made this wine in 1995, I'm pretty sure it would have been his last vintage for them.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this wine as I had low expectations. It was a delicate wine, with mostly savory and feminine aspects. Some Cannubi sweetness. Not a blockbuster or aggressive, this wine was very good with our dinner of duck. Not tannic. A different side of Barolo. Not too many notes as I knocked over one glass of it, we were leaving the next morning plus it was a
special occasion night.

It doesn't seem like it will improve and I wonder if a wine like this will last much longer or not. I would suggest drinking up this wine if you have it. I have another but I may not be able
to get to it for awhile. It didn't really remind me of other Cannubi wines I've had. Based on this showing, I would guess Beppe Colla did make this wine. Great experience and my wife liked it alot
also. A satisfying experience as in the past, I have had too many ho-hum bottles of old Prunotto.


Prunotto Barolo Cannubi 1995.JPG