Wow, this was a trip down memory lane! I lived in Citrus Heights 1980-84, about 5 blocks from Corti Brothers. Really intuitive and intellectual wine selection, plus amazing Italian specialty foods. My wife grew up in Rome, so we were regular shoppers. I remember drinking Harbor Winery Cabernet, and a number of Montevina Special Selections by Cary Gott. (I remember tasting with Cary a few times and he was way ahead of the curve on Amador Barbera.) Do you remember the odd-ball Special Selection Ruby Cabernet? It wasn't Cabernet, but as good as Ruby Cabernet gets! And they produced Nebbiolo back in the early 80's! Carneros Creek also produced an interesting Yolo County Zin in those days, not as good as the Amador County Zins. I remember Leon's tasting room in a garage with random carboys of wine standing around. The Black Muscat was great from the beginning, and he had solera sherries that were delicious! I'm also remembering going to an amazing picnic at Karly, where they were serving barbecued tri-tips and beautiful Zinfandel. Ton, I'm a regular follower, but you're making me feel really old...thanks so much!