We had MarilynReisen/Ridge & Rob Savoie over for a simple dinner of SaladNicoise:
1.Kabaj Rebula GoriskaBrda/Slovenia (13%; www.Kabaj.Si; BlackLambSlctns; 30 days skin contact; 24 mo in oak barrels) 2015: Med.dark gold color; very strong phenolic/resiny/skin-contact some white pepper/RG some earthy/dusty/OV quite complex nose dominated by the phenolics; very tart/acidic rather tannic/astringent quite phenolic/resiny/skin-contact slight Ribolla/peppery flavor w/ rather strong astringent tannins; very long/lingering strong skin-contact/phenolic/resiny some earthy/OV slight RG/peppery finish w/ ample bitter/astringent tannins; not a lot of fruit in here; a quite phenolic white that needs 10 yrs of age at least; no pleasure to taste on its own; much less tannic when it warmed to room temperature. $24.00 (BG)
2. Graflich Schoenborn'scher Eigenbau Pfaffenberger Riesling Spatlese (7.5%; A.P.Nr.31 052 012 05; www.Schoenborn.De) SchlossSchonborn/Hattenheim 2004: Med.dark gold color w/ some tiny/tiny bubbles on the glass; beautiful ripe/floral/R/peach light botrytis/apricoty some petrol/buttery/old Rheingau rather complex nose; bit spritzy slightly tart quite sweet strong/ripe/peachy/R/floral slight botrytis/apricotty slight petrol flavor; very long/lingering quite sweet light botrytis strong peachy/R/floral/honeyed finish; a beautiful example of a beautiful mature Rheingau R at a very good price. $41.30 (CB)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is a skin-contact Ribolla made by Jean-Michel Morel, a Frenchman who married into the Kabaj family. Most of his whites are strong phenolic/skin-contact. This wine was dominated by the phenolic character and rather painful to taste on its own. When served w/ the shishito peppers, the tannins were really tamed down and it became much more palatable. Its best is yet to come when the tannins age & it develops that honeyed character w/ age.
2. Schoenborn: This was a btl I found on the shelf recently at CortiBros. A beautiful example of a mature Rheingau that should go another 10 yrs at least.