Luigi Alessandria Barolo 1970

We mostly poured this out. It was sherried or maderized, however you say it. Yet a sip 24 hours later in a partially corked bottle revealed itself to be drinkable (barely?). I could have left it out longer to decant but not always something that is convenient to do and not all wines benefit from it either.

I bought this because it was a family birth year wine and also, I was intrigued by the implied Serralunga / La Morra blend, a traditional combo, I believe. Also, I am on a S. Maria kick (subzone of La Morra) and this appears to have some wine from there in it. The area is sick with Alessandria's.

I've had really bad luck with this source of old wine. Hopefully it picks up soon.


Luigi Alessandria Barolo 1970.JPG

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