Orlando Abrigo Barbaresco 1978


This was the most interesting wine I've had in a long time. Was it great? I'm not sure but it sure was different. Maybe I'm not just versed in the vocabulary of Barbaresco or the Treiso commune where this wine is from.

I'm not sure I can describe it. It was like etchings on a distant glass. No hint of Italy. Like Burgundy? Some distinct but distant structure. No fruit but ripeness was always suggested (by the nose?). Elegant. Tea like. Extremely unique. I've never had anything like it so it's hard to describe. It did not remind me of a nebbiolo in any way. Spicy and acidic.

Such a unicorn wine. As the old expression goes, Barbaresco gets drunk in Italy while Barolo is exported. From Treiso no less. I wonder how many producers from Treiso were bottling their own wine in that era. Pertinace and Moresco are the only two Treiso based producers I know that were bottling their own wines in the 1970's.

Abrigo is associated with the Montersino vineyard in Treiso and unfortunately, the wine ends up at Total Wine alot, where the bright lights deter me from buying more. Garagiste has sold some of their wine from the 00's.

I got interested in Treiso as a value play. It's not as well known as the communes of Neive and Barbaresco. It was not a separate commune until 1958. The vineyards aren't as famous.They were thought to be too high to grow nebbiolo. There haven't been any 100 point wines from Treiso. The big three of Barbaresco, Giacosa, Gaja and Produtorri do not make any wines labeled as Treiso. The prices are less expensive and availability is pretty good. I think it is under the radar as you can get some highly rated wine from there for low $'s.


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