I had this again recently with similar results and the same meal!

It was very rich, concentrated and intense. I loved the wine. This makes 4 great Oddero wines in the last year! I really had no idea that they were this good. I think I've only had their wines from the '60's prior to this.

I kept meaning to finish the last glass in the bottle but with so much going on, I kept forgetting. I finally drank it 3 days after opening.

"Distinctive. Classic - very/very intense, rich and concentrated. Rose nose. Really striking. Get this wine anyway you can. Perfect. Amazing - can't describe". So the last glass was unbelievable. Kind of like someone made a reduction sauce out of this barolo and concentrated it down to a elixir. I don't believe I've ever had anything like it nor anything quite so strikingly distinctive. Quite surprised by this. At that rate, this could improve for another 20-40 years!!!