Tried these 3 new skin-contact whites over the last few days:
1. Terpin Bianco Sivi IGT: Delle Venezie (13%; T.ElentenyImprts; Non-fltrd;; PinotGrigio) Franco Terpin/SanFloriano 2018: Deep golden/bronze/bit brownish rather hazy color; attractive floral/PG/carnations light resiny/skin-contact/phenolic some earthy/Kansas haymow rather interesting nose; bit soft/off-dry (?) fairly rich light PG/floral/carnations some phenolic/skin-contact/resiny/cidery slight spritz(?) slightly bitter somewhat savory flavor w/ very slight tannic bite; very long light phenolic/cidery fairly rich slight PG/floral/carnations slight earthy finish w/ light tannic bite; a rather interesting ramato w/ light skin-contact character; a pleasant enough wine but just that. $28.00 (AV)
2. Forlorn-Hope dragone ramato PinotGris RorickHeritageVnyd/CalaverasCnty/SierraFoothills (10.64%) 2018: slightly hazy color; much stronger rather floral/PG/carnations light earthy/dusty very light resiny/skin-contact/phenolic rather aromatic nose; very tart/tangy rather earthy/Kansas haymow/dried leaves very light skin-contact/phenolic bit earthy/dusty some complex flavor w/ slight tannic bite; very long/lingering attractive floral/PG/carnations light resiny/phenolic finish; much more PG fruit and less phenolics than previous ones; quite an attractive yet interesting wine. $30.00
3. Solminer GrunerVeltliner SkinFrmtd deLandaVnyd/LosOlivosDist (#2014 of 2400; 200 cs; 10.5%) 2018: Med.light bronze rather hazy color; rather strong cidery/phenolic/resiny bit fabric shop/new car vinyl slight volatile bit haymow/dusty somewhat funky rather strange/bizarre nose w/ very little GV character; lightly tart somewhat sour slightly GV/white pepper some tangy/metallic bit funky very strange flavor; med.long lightly tart somewhat sour/bitter Kansas haymow/earthy bit phenolic/cidery finish w/ slight tannic bitterness; starts to show a bit of GV character as it warms; a very weird/idiosyncratic wine that is not distinctly phenolic; not unpleasant but just utterly bizarre. $39.60
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Terpin: This is a new Friuli producer for me. It is brought in by PMWines, a NM distributor that specializes in "natural" wines. I found this PG to be a rather pleasant wine that didn't shown any natty character, but nothing to get excited about unless it gives you a nice/warm feeling to drink "natural" wines.
2. Solminer: This is the first skin-contact wine from Dave & Anna deLaski, and the first skin-contact GV I've seen. It wasn't a bad wine, per se, but just very/very strange and showed very little GV character. We'll see what it ages into...I have no idea.

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