Wow, Dave. Four out of six aren't drinkable? And I thought my luck was bad recently! That might be enough to make me quit the the hobby altogether.

Someone gifted you a 74 Borgogno? Wow! Give them my number!!! My neighbor just gifted me an Aldo Conterno Cicala 2007 for picking up their paper while they were away!!!! I was stunned. Those wines have always been out of my price range. But I guess they got it in the big Aldo Conterno sale from a number of years ago.

A 1996 Aldo Conterno Colonello was oxidized? I haven't had any younger oxidized Barolo - only from the old ones. Something was wrong there. Especially for such a top of the line wine.

There seems to be an awful lot of reports of flawed/underwhelming Vietti wine 1980-1990. For me, 3 out of 4 have been underwhelming but the 4th was one of the best ever Barolos I've had (Thanks, CJ!). Bummer that such a prestigious wine was off.

Based on yours and CJ's recomendation, I picked up the G. Fenocchio Bussia and Cannubi from 1999 but haven't tried. Evidently, he was the one who sold Villero grapes to Giacosa. So I picked up some 2010 Villero from him as well.

The Oddero "normale" still had some of their top single vineyards blended into it until the early 2000's. Villero and Brunate? So no surprise it was so satisfying.

Seems like a 1990 Taurasi shouldn't be over the hill already either.

Better luck next time. I had three or four old wines in a row from one source that were all oxidized. Luckily the next one showed very well. I was beginning to think they would all be bad.


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