Doing a bit of bottom feeding at TJ's on Wed & grabbed:
1. Rosa dell Olmo Dd'OCG: Barolo (13.5%; LatitudeWines; B by CN/5801 T.D.V. S.P.A. 004013 2014: Fairly dark color; rather earthy/dusty rather grapey/Dolcetto-like very slight floral/lilacs some fragrant/grapey bit smokey nose; lightly tart/tangy/metallic earthy/dusty some grapey/Dolcetto little Nebb/floral rather hard/angular/rough/coarse flavor w/ light raspy tannins; long fairly grapey/Dolcetto very slight Nebb/floral rather rough/coarse fairly earthy/dusty/loamy finish w/ rough/gritty tannins; speaks more of Dolcetto than Nebb; a rough/coarse/rustic Piemonte red; about as low as Barolo can sink. $15.00 (TJ)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I was expecting a bit more from this "Barolo". The price should have been the tip-off. I've had a bit more success w/ the TJ's low-end Barbarescos, but not by much.

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