2010 Carlisle Two Acres

Hard to get a handle on this wine. It started out quite well. A lovely nose of violets. Rich fruit, blackberries, currants, pepper. Polished tannins, nice acidity, decent balance. Finishes long and gradual, blueberries and warm spice. I thought it would go out another 3 or 4 years. But sitting with the wine over dinner, it started to fade rather quickly, becoming harsh on the palate. Bottom line: I'd drink these up and not linger over them. This dropped from an initial impression of an "A-" wine to a "C+" wine. Overall, probably a "B". If it matters to you, Pat didn't like it from the first sip - and she loves Carlisle wines (as do I).


Edited by Charlie Chadwick (05-15-2020 12:29:29)