Sue Noel brought this to share ystrday:
1. Joh.Jos.Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Eiswein-Auslese (QmP; A.P.Nr. 12576511-21-76; EA) Wehlen/Mosel 1975: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; slight earthy/dusty honey graham/graham cracker/rather honeyed some old German R/slight Mosel valve oil no botrytis quite complex nose; very acidic/screechy slightly sweet very strong honeyed/honey graham/bit passito slight earthy/dusty old German R/bit valve oil very complex flavor; very long/lingering very acidic/screechy slightly sweet rather passito/honey graham/graham cracker old R/slight Mosel valve oil finish; no signs of botrytis whatsoever; a rather strange/unusual of old Mosel R but quite complex & interesting.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. '71 & '76 were great yrs for German wines w/ lots of ripeness, lots of acidity, and lots of botrytis. '75 was a hot yr when the had a lot of ripeness but not that much botrytis. This was a rather strange expression of an old Mosel Auslese because of the lack of botrytis. Nonetheless, quite an interesting wine more like an old passito than an old Mosel Auslese.