Parusso Barolo 2014

13.5% Imported by Kirkcrest Imports, CA

The barolo season ended with a thud or was it a dud or both? Looking for a season extender, I thought this young wine might handle warmer temperatures better and also because it was reputed to be a standout in the "drink barolo young" category. I bought the wine in the first place because it is a blend of all their vineyards due to the poor vintage. Supposedly they had selected only the best grapes from places like Mosconi, Le Coste and Bussia. Intrigued with blends and these particular vineyards, as well with glowing reviews, promises of early drinking and moderate pricing, I bit. This is the 44th Anniversary edition

To be precise, I really didn't like this wine. I don't know when I've ever had a barolo with so much oak. I could hardly taste anything else. I've had Parusso's Barolo Bussia Rocche from 1996 and I thought it was fantastic. Definitely modern, but in the best possible way and a unique style. Very complex, concentrated, rich and very traditional in places. He has a style of his own which I admire but this was something completely different than that wine. This barely managed a savory side that was unconvincing. An unpleasant bitter finish towards the end. I enjoy bitter in barolo often but not this one. They should have sold it off in bulk rather than putting out a disappointment. It did not improve over the evening but got worse and the goat leg wasn't fabulous either. I have one more bottle of this and I have no idea what I'll do it with it.