Tried this last night w/ our tuna steak:
1. MonteRustico Dd'OC: Piemonte Rosso (14%; Nebbiolo/Dolcetto/Barbera; Imprtd: PacificHwy W&S/Sonoma); B by G.D.Vajra/Barolo 2015: Dark color; rather grapey/Dolcetto some floral/Nebb bit spicy/Barbera fairly earthy/dusty rather rustic bit aromatic nose; rather tart/tangy/rough/bit metallic fairly grapey/Dolcetto bit floral/lilacs rather earthy/rustic/coarse flavor w/ light brisk tannins; med.long some tart/tangy/metallic fairly grapey/Dolcetto rather tart/tannic/rough/coarse finish; a pleasant enough rough/tannic/rustic Piemonte red blend but badly needs food. $18.00 (WF)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is, as best I can tell, a WholeFoods exclusive made for them by the G.D.Vajra folks. About two yrs ago, I tried the Bianco MonteRustico and liked it a lot, so I asked the WF person of they could bring in the Rosso version. It finally showed up. I did not like it nearly as well. Speaks mostly of Dolcetto w/ some Barbera acidity & spiciness, but pretty tannic from the Nebb. Will not buy again.