Tried this new wine last night:
1. Domaine Ansen Sylvaner Lerchensand Ad'O: Vin de Alsace (12%; Organic wine; www.Ansen.Fr; 12 days skin-contact) Westhoffen/Alsace 2017: Deep golden/slight orangey very cloudy color w/ lots of floculanr suspended material; rather natty/oxidative/ some unclean/quite mousey/hantavirus bit resiny/phenolic slight floral/Sylvaner/grapey some earthy interesting/strange unattractive nose; quite tart/acidic rather natty/mousey/hantavirus some phenolic/resiny/bit tannic fairly earthy light Sylvaner/grapey very non-Alsatian flavor; med.long rather mousey/hantavirus/unclean/natty light Sylvaner/grapey finish w/ slight tannic bite; nose clears up a bit as it warms in the glass but way too natty for me; not a good example of Alsace Sylvaner. $23.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This was a new producer for me. Even though it was on the "natural" wine rack at Koko, which I usually avoid, I decided to give it a shot. Shouldn't have bothered. Way too mousey/hantavirus/natty for my palate. Even the food could not salvage this wine & drag it into drinkable territory.