Tried this dessert wine a week ago:
1. Rosso della Cattedrale Mosciano SantAngelo Vino Liquorose (17.5%; VitisImports/SantaMonica) Az.Agr. Costa del Monte/Giuliavona/Abruzzo NV: Dark rather brown color; strong very ripe/boysenberry/chocolaty/grapey/late hrvsty bit Zin/essence somewhat alcoholic bit complex nose; tart/tangy/alcoholic quite sweet very ripe/overripe grapey/boysenberry/chocolaty quite alcoholic/hot bit oxidized flavor w/ light hot/tangy tannins; long hot/alcoholic very ripe/late hrvsty grapey/chocolaty/jammy/boysenberry quite sweet some oxidized finish w/ light tannins; a late hrvst/essence dessert red that has gone out too far; not much enjoyable here. $32.00/hlf (WineExpo)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Not a whole lot of info on this wine I can find. I believe it's a late harvest Moscato Rosso. It reminds much of an old/tired Calif Essence Zin.