Tried these two last week with my Tofu on the barby:
1. Turley Zin PesentiVnyd/PasoRobles (16.0%) 2002: Dark color w/ slight bricking; rather dusty/OV rather blackberry/boysenberry/Zin bit ripe/jammy/Smuckers Jam some alcoholic/fumey bit earthy bit complex nose; rather soft/fat some alcoholic/hot strong blackberry/boysenberry/jammy/Zin ripe light pencilly/oak flavor w/ light smooth tannins; very long soft/fat strong boysenberry/jammy/blackberry rather ripe some hot/alcoholic finish w/ light ripe tannins; still plenty of ripe jammy/PR Zin fruit but not going to develop into anything interesting & headed downhill.
2. Turley Charbono TofanelliVnyd/NapaVlly (13.9%) 2002: Very dark color w/ light bricking; rather earthy/blackberry/boysenberry/licorice quite dusty/OV slight cedary/pencilly bit aged/tired/old Red bit complex nose; fairly tart/tangy rather blackberry/licorice/pungent some earthy/dusty/OV bit cedary/pencilly/oak some tired/oldRed flavor w/ some sharp/tired tannins; med.long blackberry/boysenberry/licorice/rustic/bit coarse some cedary/pencilly/oak earthy/dusty/OV rather tired finish w/ some drying/astringent tannins; still a bit of Charbono fruit but showing rather threadbare around the edges; headed downhill.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Last time I visited the Pesenti tasting room after Turley bought the operation, I was shocked. They were no longer using the Reidel shot glasses that were custom designed for PesentiWnry. I wonder what Turley did with thos old shot glasses.