Continuing to taste thru more new German wines at Kokoman:
1. Wagner-Stempel Weissburgunder Gutswein/Rheinhessen (trocken; 13.0%; Q; A.P.Nr 4 316 142 07 19) Siefersheim/Rheinhesse 2018: Loud pop when screwcap opened; lots of tiny bubbles that dissapate; lightly fragrant appley/PB/pear slight perfumed/Viog-like some stony/chalky rather attractive nose; some spritzy/dissolved CO2 rather appley/pear/PB light chalky/stony/earthy fairly tart/tangy bit off-dry (0.3%-0.5% r.s.?) some rich/lush rather attractive flavor; fairly long tart/tangy light floral/appley/pear/PB light stony/chalky fairly rich/ripe/lush quite attractive finish reminds some a bit of a Sudtirol PB but not as lean/austere & a bit richer; an attractive PB at a fair price; should age well for 2-5 yrs. $21.00 (KK)
2. Dr.H.Thanisch Riesling Estate/Mosel Feinherb (12.5%; EB; Q; A.P.Nr. 2 576 742 01 14; WinesellersLtd/Niles/IL) Dr.H.Thanisch-Erben Muller-Burggraef/Bernkastle-Kues 2012: Pop of screwtop when opened; lots of tiny bubbles that dissapate; not much evidence of dissolved CO2 on palate; beautiful Mosel valve oil/pungent/gout de petrol some R/floral/mango/pineapple some flinty/Mosel/steely beautiful classic Mosel nose; quite tart/tangy quite dry rather flinty/slatey/steely/bit metallic some R/floral/mango/pineapple quite Mosel valve oil/petrol beautiful flavor; very long/lingering very strong Mosel valve oil/petrol quite steely/flinty/slatey tart/tangy/totally dry classic Mosel finish; a beautiful classic Mosel R that will go another 5-10 yrs; stupid/silly price at $15.00 (KK)
3. Riesling Dr.Thanisch Feinherb (Q; A.P.Nr 2 576 742 04 17; Dry-style; www.Dr-Thanisch.De; Winesellers/Niles/IL) Erben Muller-Burggraef Cllrs/Bernkastle-Kues 2016: Med.light gold color; very strong R/mango/pineapple/floral classic Mosel valve oil/flinty/steely beautiful perfumed complex nose; fairly tart/tangy steely/flinty/slatey slightly off-dry (0.2-0.4% r.s.) very strong floral/R/mango/pineapple strong Mosel valve oil/bit pungent/petrol classic Mosel beautiful flavor; very long/lingering rather tart/tangy strong floral/R/mango some Mosel valve oil complex finish; a beautiful expression of a Mosel R that should go another 4-8 yrs; stupid/silly price of $15.00 (AV)
Review from several weeks ago. This one is a different (slightly) label w/ a Lot#4 A.P.Nr. Essentially, this is the same wine w/ slightly more fruit intensity and a bit more ripeness; an absolute steal at this price at AV.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Of the recent R recs, this '12 is by far the best. Showing that classic Mosel maturity. Stupid/silly price.