Had these three last weekend:
1. Anne de k Riesling AC: Vin d'Alsace Lieu-Dit Patergarten (13%; SarantyImprts; EB) Bestheim/Bennwihr 2015: Med.gold color; very light very slight R/floral/somewhat grapey/fruity rather dull/vacuous very vapid nose; fairly soft off-dry (0.6%-1.0% r.s.?) very slight metallic very light grapey/floral/no R fruit dull/vacuous flavor; very short soft/watery/vacuous off-dry finish; easily the most dull/vapid Alsatian wine I've ever had w/ virtually no R character whatsoever; very overpriced at $20.00 (TW)
2. Dr.Heidemanns-Bergweiler Riesling Dry (11.5%; Q; A.P.Nr. 2 907 0880 7 20; SarantyImprts; www.Heidemanns-Bergweiler.com) Bernkastel/Mosel 2019: Med.light yellow color; very light vey slight R/floral vaguel grapey/fruity dull/innocuous nose; very slightly tart very light Mosel/floral off-dry (0.2%-0.5% r.s.?) bit fruity/grapey rather dull/insipid/vacuous rather watery flavor; fairly short lightly tart very slightly floral/R rather vacuous/insipid/watery finish; speaks quietly of R with a whisper; no Mosel character to speak of; two orders of magnitude below basic ZellarSwartzKatz; about as dull a Mosel as I've ever had; overpriced at $17.00 (TW)
3. Poderi di Carlo RibollaGialla IGT: VeneziaGiulia ( 12.5%; SarantyImprts; Alfio Moriconi Slctn) Primosic Wines/Gorizia 2018: Med.yellow color w/ lots of mesmerizing tiny bubbles swirling about in the glass; very light grapey/fruity slight spicy rather dull/vapid nose w/ zero RG character; slight spritz/dissolved CO2 bit soft very light grapey/fruity rather vapid/watery flavor w/ no RG character whatsoever; very short soft slight metallic/tangy light grapey/fruity rather vapid/dull/insipid finish; no RG character at all & certainly no Friuli terroir; another vapid/vacuous/insipid vaguely fruity white dull as dishwater; overpriced at $14.00 (TW)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Been doing a bit of bottom feeding of late. Over the last month, trying a lot of Rieslings from Kokomans & have found some terrific values in the $10-$25 price range. About once a month, do some bottom feeding at TraderJoes and have mixed results, but usually avoid those from FredFranzia.
I was in need of a couple of whites for dinner and, since I was out in that area, stopped into the SantaFe TotalWines. Only go in there about twice a yr as yet to find anything of interest here. So I picked up these 3 whites, how could I go wrong. Well....I probably hit rock bottom on these. The wines were not bad nor flawed. They all had just a sort of vaguely fruity/grapey character were just some of the dullest wines I've ever encountered. Most of them went down the drain. Sometimes it makes no sense to waste your alcohol consumption on such wines. I probably should have also bought a btl of the ButterKnife Chard, but I just couldn't bring myself to do so. I suspect it would have been a bit more interesting, if a factory wine.
These wines were all Saranty Imprts, a label that I usually avoid like the plague. I've yet to find a wine from Saranty that I've thought worth drinking, even in the > $50/btl range.
As best I can tell, these wines are all TotalWines DirectImports exclusives. Which is a good place to keep them.