Been awhile since I've had some Cline wines, so cracked:
1. Cline Viognier NorthCoast/Calif (14.5%) 2019: Med.light yellow color w/ lots of small bubbles/dissolved CO2?; very attractive pear/peach/Viog/floral/gardenias quite pleasant nose; lightly tart/tangy slight spritz fairly strong pear/peach/Viog/foral refreshing/clean/bright quite attractive flavor; very long/lingering bit tart/tangy bright/floral/Viog/pear/bit spicy finish; far away from DollyParton territory; not a profound Viog and not a lot of depth but very attractive drinking at a great price; very well balanced & well made. $13.00 (KK)
2. Cline Zin AncientVines ContraCostaCnty (14.5%; 100+ yr old vines) 2018: Med.dark color; strong blackberry/Zin/boysenberry/spicy quite dusty/OV classic ContraCosta/mushroomy/earthy/bit loamy light Am.oak quite attractive nose; soft slight tangy/tannic strong blackberry/Zin/licorice/spicy rather earthy/CC mushroomy/loamy rather dusty/OV light oak flavor w/ light smooth tannins; very long bit soft/lush strong blackberry/Zin/spicy rather earthy/CC loamy/mushroomy finish w/ light tannins; not the depth or intensity of a Carlisle/Bedrock Evangelho but quite an attractive/drinkable classic CC Zin w/ lots of dusty/OV character at a great price. $16.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. When Matt & Fred Cline were partners, I used to see a lot more Cline around. The focus was on their old vines ContraCosta vnyds. When they split up, Matt got the bulk of the CC vnyds and Fred got the wnry south of the town of Sonoma and the Sonoma vnyds and those in the Petaluma Gap. Those wines I found much more interesting. When Fred hired Charlie Tsegelotus as winemaker, they took a real boost in quality. They also have the JacuzziWnry right across the highway that specializes in Italian varietals.
These two wines have always been two of my favorites, so I thought I'd revisit them. Just as good as I recall them being.