Winnowing the cellar continues. This time I pulled four older vintages of the David Coffaro Aca Modot to try. The three sealed under NeoCork were varying degrees of disappointing (my last bottles of these). The one under screwcap was still quite drinkable.

2001 David Coffaro Aca Modot

NeoCork. Slight funk on the nose. Faded red fruit, harsh tannins and harsher acidity. Short finish. Close to undrinkable. D+

2002 David Coffaro Aca Modot

NeoCork. Not much on the nose. Some nice cherry fruit, but a serious green streak ruining it. Fine tannins, decent balance. Finishes moderately long with red fruit. Not bad but seen better days. C-

2003 David Coffaro Aca Modot

NeoCork. Some nice plum notes on the nose. On the palate there was cherry, plum, hint of licorice. Faded but not completely shot. Nicely resolved tannins, hard acidity, bit out of balance. Harsh finish. Tolerable, but thats about it. C-

2009 David Coffaro Aca Modot

Screwcap. Pleasant cherry nose. Soft red fruits on the palate, cherry, plums, bit of spice. Nicely resolved tannins, decent acidity and balance. Finishes moderately long and pleasant with red fruits. B


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