Tried these two last night:
1. Haut Vol Vin de France Rose (12.5%;; Grenache/Carignan) Vignobles Foncalieu/Arzens/Languedoc 2019: Pale copper/salmon color; pleasant strawberry/cranberry/watermelon lightly spicy rather pretty nose; fairly tart/tangy some strawberry/watermelon totally dry bit austere/lean totally dry pleasant flavor; med.long bit strawberry/watermelon/cherry quite tangy/brisk finish; a rather pleasant thirst-quenching rose; nothing profound but good for what it is. $14.50 (KK)
2. AlbertBoxler GWT Reserve AC: Alsace (13.5%; KermitLynchImports) Niedermorschwihr 2017: Deep gold color w/ tiny bubbles clinging to the glass; very strong GWT/cheap hair oil/lychee slight earthy big fruit ripe lovely intense nose; soft rich/lush/mouthfilling/ripe/porky off-dry (0.8%-1.0% r.s.?) intense hair oil/GWT/lychee huge fruit flavor; very long/lingering intense lychee/GWT/hair oil soft very ripe finish; a lovely intense GWT VT-level nose but soft/fat/porky sweet on the palate & very much in the Z-H style; lacks acidity & too sweet & would be a huge fail w/ choucroute garni; way overpriced unless you don't mind Z-H pricing. $56.00 (AV)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. It's been a good long time since I've tasted a really good Alsace dry GWT that I could pair w/ Choucroute Garni. You used to be able to get these around $5-$10 /btl back in the '70's. So I had high hopes for this wine. My hopes were dashed on the shoals of low-acidity and high r.s. After the first glass, the wine was very cloying & tiring on the palate. It would be a disaster w/ choucroute. So sad what Alsace has routinely become.