Tried these two last week:
1. CowanCllrs RibollaGialla RRV/SonomaCnty (12.5%; SantaRosa 2014: Light yellow color; strong white pepper/RG/spicy bit floral/carnations lovely fragrant (for RG) nose; fairly tart/tangy rather chalky/stony/mineral some white pepper/RG/spicy/bit cardamon light bodied/brisk quite attractive flavor; very long white pepper/RG/spicy/floral some mineral/stony finish; no evidence of skin-contact; a very pretty RG but not a profound wine that would be right at home as a Tajut wine at LaSubida in Cormons.
2. CowanCllrs Fiano RRV/SonomaCnty (13.9%) 2014: Med.dark gold color; rather phenolic/very resiny/VinoMacerati/pungent/bit cidery some dusty/earthy bit coarse/pineapply some nutty/oxidative somewhat complex nose; fairly tart quite phenolic/resiny/VM/cidery some nutty/oxidative very slight Fiano/pineapple/earthy/dusty flavor; very long rather nutty/ocidative fairly phenolic/resiny/cidery complex finish; rather on the Gravner side & not much fruit; still needs more age to evolve into something really good.
A weeBloodyPulpit:
1. CowanCllrs is, of course, our very own Florida Jim. Alas, Jim has closed down his operation. Sad, because I thought he was making very good & interesting wine. When you go to his WebSite above, it appears to have been hijacked by some wine broker operation. Not sure if Jim still has any wine for sale or not. Over the yrs, Jim has experimented a lot w/ skin-contact/ViniMacerati. One of his early SauvBlancs (don't recall the year) turned into an absolutely beautiful aged VM.