Originally Posted By: Charlie Chadwick
2016 Ojai Sauvignon Blanc McGinley Vineyard
This has improved nicely since my last bottle 18 months ago. Not typical Sauvignon Blanc at all. Precise, light, lemony nose. Palate shows lots of minerality, stone fruits and some lemon notes. A bit of pepper on the mid-palate. No grassiness at all. Crisp acidity and great balance. Becomes more expressive at it sits in the glass. Finishes moderately long with lemon and minerals. Very nice with a continued upside. I'll be intrigued to see how this continues to develop. "A-"

Yup, Charlie..Adam makes some absolutely lovely SauvBlancs. And sorta atypical for Calif SB. More like those from Friuli or the Sudstiermark than anything.