I had this once more and the wine was much more satisfying this time so a less than stellar bottle last time.

Night one:

"Sweet, engaging, fresh, roses, rich, concentrated and beckoning. Rich caramel nose - rose / poignant ++. Heavenly nose. Excellent. Ethereal nose. Cinnamon, spicy. Almost rose bomb. V. balanced."

Night two: "V. nice - rose balsam wood and violet nose. Palate - feminine and savory. Slightly oxidized. Expansive nose. Fading but good +. No decant. Light sediment."

Very nice wine. It lacks a little bit of personality or distinctiveness but otherwise I was very pleased.
The roast, stuffed semi-boneless quail came through again. One of my favorites.


Cigliuti Barbaresco Serraboella 1990.JPG

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