Fratelli Accigliaro Barolo 1974 (Ciabot Mentin Ginestra)

Gradi 14

This was a fantastic wine experience, the way you want them all to be. Acquired from a source where the labels, fills and color are perfect, but most have been unusually tired, this was a winner. My wife agreed upon the first sip.

Decanted at the last minute for sediment. I had opened it earlier but it seemed ready to go so did not decant. The whole time I was drinking this, I kept thinking, "Cannubi". It was very sweet, ripe and warm for barolo. It reminded me of a 1974 Cannubi I had drunk (and others). Some structure and not much acid. Wonderful complexity. Beautiful fruit. So much different than the "fruitless/intense" 1989 barbaresco I drank two weeks ago. Love both styles. Perfect time to drink this wine. My family remarked about how this wine was darker than most. I don't think it is going to get better and it did not improve upon opening.

I am assuming that this was a de-facto or implicit single vineyard wine, given the prestigious address on the bottle and that it says that it was produced at the farm. I spotted the address as the seller provided photos but it was merely listed as "Barolo". Clerico has made Ciabot Mentin very famous. It is part of the larger Ginestra vineyard. It states on Clerico's website that he bought his first parcel there and the farm in 1982 from Mentin and Fiore. Later he bought more in 2001. It's not clear to me what the relationship of Accigliaro was to the Ciabot Mentin in 1974. Maybe he was renting the place. Not much info on Accigliaro.

Anyways, a fantastic wine. Especially with Hawaiian venison tenderloins.


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