Rivetto Barolo 1974 (Ercole Rivetto di Rivetto Gian, Maria and Serge F.lli

13% 720 ml

"Darker color than expected. Drying & tannic. Caramel, rose and pine nose - beautiful. Classic/traditional, cool/menthol. Uncompromising. Acidic. Old school. Very much alive. Lots of energy, rose on the palate. Meat, iron. A little light & dilute, lacking in concentration & richness & complexity. Smooth. Beautiful nose. Good not great. More delineated as time went on. A little hollow in the middle. Classic, sour cherries in the nose, fills out w/ meat a bit. Gets better slightly."

The dregs the next day:
"Sour cherry/ not much fruit. Acidity rules. Filled out a little. Structure appearing. Improved. Still good not great. Where from? Nice nose, tangy, a more complete wine. A very balanced and complete wine & nose - delineated and structured."

I have one more that I will decant for quite some time as this just got better. I thought it was going to be a Serralunga wine but felt more like a blend of different communes. I read somewhere that Rivetto was buying grapes in this era, which I didn't know.


Ercole Rivetto Barolo 1974.JPG

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