Marziano Abbona Barolo Terlo Ravera 1989

14% Imported by Trebon, NY

This was sold as "Dogliani" as the producer, not Abbona so got a good price. I hadn't really been aware of Marziano Abbona but the labels look really familiar, like I've seen them in my local wine stores or grocery stores but not sure. For me, the name Abbona wasn't really related to quality - maybe because of the Abbona's who run Marchesi di Barolo. But I'm always intrigued by single vineyard blends and I had yet to have a Ravera, especially an older one. I picked up an '06 after learning about them and reading the positive reviews.

Ravero is in the commune of Novello and according to their website, is a continuation of Terlo (in Barolo). So sounds like the vineyards are contiguous or close to. At 400 meters, sort of high up.

In a very heavy, long, thin bottle with a really weird lip, unlike any wine bottle I've seen before. Cork was soaked almost to the top but came out well. Decanted a few hours.

This turned out to be a wonderful wine, perhaps a little bit of a "restaurant" or modern wine but that didn't bother me a bit as it was really well made.

"Sweet nose. Excellent wine. Very rich nose. Very deep. Very rose and strawberry. Sweet palate. Very enticing. Rich, sweet, warm palate. Very sweet, warn nose.
Palate -enveloping pears (huh?).
Great wine!
Totally smooth nose, sweet and rose.
Rose bomb++. Excellent.
A+ nose - draws you in.
Rich, sweet, warm wine.
One of Piedmont's great vineyards (Ravera??)"

Next day:
Dark and Sunkissed.
Very harmonious.
Somewhat feminine.
Somewhat ripe.
Lower acidity.
Low sediment."

Ravera seemed to add some darker aspects to the wine. Highly recommended.

With Hawaiian venison steaks. Ran out of white flour so dipped them in rice flour before pan-frying. Wow, did that add some nutty flavor that went really well with the venison and the wine. Have to do that again.


Marziano Abbona Barolo 1989 Terlo Ravera.JPG

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