Greene Eagle Winery (https://www.greeneeagle.com/Wines) is in Ohio near the Mosquito Creek Wilderness Area, and offers a wine called Sleepy Hollow, that is

"Sleepy Hollow (named after our yearly re-enactment of the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”)

Oak Barrel aged Barolo, “The Wine of Kings”, made from the Nebbiolo grape. Rich, bold, oaky with a buttery finish. Driest. Serve room temperature."

This baffles me - they are certainly not growing Nebbiolo in Ohio nor importing it from Italy. Are they buying an extract and adding water or what? They are still not entitled to call it Barolo. I emailed the winery but did not receive an answer. I'm genuinely curious as to how they make this.

Don't get me started about "Wilderness Areas" in Ohio either......