TN: Luigi Oberto (Ciabot Berton) Barolo 1974

13.8% 720ml

I've been interested in the wines of the Santa Maria district of La Morra but there isn't a lot available in my market so I have focused on Ciabot Berton and their Roggeri wine as it has come available a few times. To my knowledge, Luigi Oberto is now called Ciabot Berton and so when a chance came up to taste some of their older wine, I took advantage of it.

Cork wouldn't come out. This was oxidized and over the hill but it was still drinkable and had just a smidgeon of interest in it. Pretty well gone and may not have been a wonderful wine in the first place. It did not get better as it was open. I'd didn't mind too badly as we have had 7 old barolo/barbaresco wines in a row that were drinking great so we have been beating the odds, big time.

With duck leg confit.


Luigi Oberto Barolo 1974.JPG

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