Had dinner last night w/ Grayson & Jennifer & he shared this wine:
1. Michael Shaps PetiteManseng Monticello/VA (14.4%; www.MichaelShapsWines.com; + Roussanne; RS: 0.34%) Charlottesvile VA 2016: Deep gold color; very strong very ripe/overripe ripe peach/PM/Jurancon-like slight botrytis very slight resiny/skin contact bit passito-like slight toasty/oak very complex beautiful nose; very rich/lush/mouthfilling slight botrytis/peach/pineapple slight skin-contact/phenolic slightly off-dry very Jurancon-like bit earthy quite complex flavor; very long/lingering very rich/lush/mouthfilling very strong ripe/peach/pineapple slight earthy/mineral light toasty/oak slight pungent/resiny bit passito-like slightly off-dry beautiful very complex finish; shows a little of a Jurancon-like character but not the earthy/rustic character and not nearly as sweet as most are; a very exotic huge mouthfilling expression of PM. $30.00 (vGK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I tried this wine w/ low-expectations. Yee gawd....it's a VA wine, after all. I was pretty much blown away by it. It's not nearly as sweet as the TablasCreek, but probably a a bit more exotic and complex. I thought I picked up a small amount of ViniMacerati/skin-contact/resiny character but the winemaker notes doesn't indicate any skin-contact during fermentation, just a prolonged gross lees contact w/ battonage. But it is one of the most complex/interesting/exotic Petite Mansengs I can recall trying.
I'm now eager to try more of Michael's wines.