San Biagio di Roggero Barolo 1970

14% 720ml

I bought this because I thought it was from the Roggeri vineyard of Santa Maria (La Morra). It is from Santa Maria but not Roggeri, instead Roggero. The Roggeri were descendants of famous nobles in Piedmont and owned a lot of land locally.

The cork came out nicely and wasn't stained but the wine was maderized. Of all the wines I considered might be faulty, this was at the top of the list. I have to say, it was darn good Marsala. Not sure if it was intended in that style or not. We drank it and enjoyed it. San Biagio di Roggero is still around but doesn't seem to get very good press.


San Biagio di Roggero Barolo 1970.JPG