Ascheri Barolo Sorano 1999

14% Imported by Matt Bros, NY

Sorano is between the Fontanafredda estate and San Rocco in Serralunga. Most of the vineyard is in the Diana D' Alba commune. There seems to be not much mentioned about Sorano. Interesting because I see Sorano mentioned in places as a top vineyard but ignored elsewhere. There are a few other producers making Sorano, Alario and San Biagio. G. Conterno owns part of Sorano. Sorano is supposed to be different than the rest of Serralunga and has something in common with the Fontanafredda vineyards. I got that Sorano wasn't so intense and heavy as Serralunga but was more like a Castiglione.

Bought on release. Ascheri is a producer I picked up on by reading notes from the big wine trade shows of Piedmont - Ascheri's name came up multiple times. The wines were really cheap and I loaded up on them. This was my first and I am glad I did pick up alot.

"Rose/strawberry nose - sweet on opening. Very striking - nose and palate. Intense first sips. Decanted 2.5 hours. A little disjointed or beautiful moments. Lots of impact. Classic in many ways. Complex, savory, tea, sweet. Smooths out and gets acidic and traditional and balanced. So smooth - smooth bomb. Really good - hard to stop. Spicy, concentrated. Great counterpoint to the food. Excellent, striking and poignant. La Morra like. Cool, menthol, refreshing, coffee, longer decant next time. Last sip like Alto Piedmont. Excellent."

Ate with Maui venison ribs - denver cut. Was really good but I don't think I cooked this correctly as it was dried out.


Ascheri Barolo Sorano 1999.JPG