I had this again recently and it showed so much better. Still, a stained cork 3/4s of the way up but got a distinctive pop/hiss as I reached the wine with the corkscrew. Decanted 3+ hours.

"Very nice, balanced, poignant. So ripe, easy to drink. Balanced to the max. Very complex, austere and drying. Crisp. Beautiful nose. Clove - very striking"

Next day: "Young, fresh, precise. Able to go 30 more years. Strong and persistent".

A drop 5 days later from the open bottle was still very nice.

I think this wine will last forever and might improve, not sure. It's a good time to open it though. A meditative wine. A really nice array of flavors that weren't easy to call out. A few amazing sips - one where the wine was "ripe but not ripe" in a way I haven't quite experienced before but seems not out of place for a very good Barbaresco. So hugely enjoyable and with striking character. Definitely a level above most of the Barbaresco I've had recently. I wouldn't pay $832 for this wine though (most recent sales price per WineSearcher).

Went great with venison medallions coated with porcini powder.


Rogana  Vino Del Tavola Cichet Paje 1988.JPG