Interesting article in the WashPost:
on the recent evolution of HortonVnyds in VA. The grandaughter is now the winemaker and she professed that she doesn't like many of the traditional wines made at Horton, so has started her own label Gears & Lace.
DennisHorton (deceased in 2017) planted the Horton vnyds in 1990, with his first wine the Horton Viog '93. I remember tasting it at his first appearance at HdR. It was a bit on the soft/fat side but had wonderful Viog aromatics....pushing into DollyParton territory. He was an early champion of PetiteManseng. And I always liked the Horton Norton because of the way it rolled off the tongue.
Anyway, an interesting article on the evolution going on at HortonVnyds.